All-Electric 800 Horsepower Genovation GXE Supercar to Make LA Auto Show Debut 28 Nov '18

Genovation Cars Inc., will present to prototypes of the GXE at one of the world’s largest auto shows, November 28 through December 9, 2018. Continue Reading

Electric Corvette, Genovation GXE, Shown at Monterey Car Week 26 Nov '18

Monterey Car Week at The Quail is an event that attracts car enthusiasts the world over to revel in their shared love of the automobile. Continue Reading

Genovation GXE Flogs Their Electric C7 Corvette Around the M1 Concourse 26 Nov '18

In our business, watching a Corvette going 200+ mph on a track is a sure way to get yourself noticed. And we’ve been noticing the Genovation GXE all-electric Corvette for some time now. Continue Reading

Shifting Gears in Genovation’s Electric Corvette 26 Nov '18

Electric motors are different from gasoline engines in that they produce their maximum torque, or pulling power, at even their lowest operating speeds. Also they don't make obnoxiously loud noises — or the "music of the gods," depending on your taste — when running at high speeds. These things mean an electric car can drive from zero to fast, without ever needing to change gears. Continue Reading