Genovation debuts its all-electric Corvette-based Supercar with manual transmission 12 Jan '18

Maryland-based custom carmaker Genovation has been promoting its speed records achieved in an electric converted Corvette over the past year. Now, they have debuted the final version of their all-electric Supercar, Genovation GXE, at CES this week. Continue Reading

Genovation's GXE is an electric Corvette with 800 hp and a stick shift 10 Jan '18

Building a car from scratch is complicated, to say the least. When Tesla first started it worked off a Lotus chassis to develop the Roadster and now Maryland-based Genovation is taking the same route. At CES the company showed off the GXE, a Corvette Grand Sport with twin electric motors stuffed under the hood. Continue Reading

Meet The Mad Scientists Just Getting Started With 209 MPH Electric Corvettes 28 Mar '17

Most Corvettes are fast. That’s the whole point. But not all Corvettes can do 209 mph while breaking records because they run purely on—get this, and be ready to horrified if you’re a Corvette purist—electricity. That’s what the Corvettes from Genovation Cars do. And they come from a humble shop in Rockville, Maryland. Continue Reading

Genovation GXE, only 75 to be built 25 Nov '16

Some weeks ago the American company Genovation had beaten a speed record with a sports car based on a Chevrolet Corvette, completely transformed into an electric vehicle. It reached 330 km/h. Now this model will be produced in limited series of only 75 units to sell it to a very select public. Continue Reading