Next generation GXE on the open road
Ride Along for the Record Setting Lap Made by the Genovation GXE and Randy Pobst at Thunderhill – We pulled the raw footage from the GXE's record setting lap with Randy Pobst at Thunderhill Raceway.
How the GXE Set a Lap Record at Thunderhill with Randy Pobst – The GXE set a lap record at Thunderhill during testing with Randy Pobst. He shows how it beat out all other production EVs.
Genovation GXE Sets Speed Record for Production Electric Vehicles at Thunderhill Raceway – With Randy Pobst behind the wheel, the GXE blew past all other production EV speed records at Thunderhill Raceway. The GXE’s top lap time not only beat all other production electric vehicles, but wound up in the top three fastest times overall at Thunderhill.
Genovation Broke World Speed Records with Remote Team before Social Distancing – We're here to give you hope and encouragement for working remotely and remaining socially distant. Genovation team members live across the nation and work on the GXE from their respective locations, and have for years. We've broken two world speed records so far using remote work environments.
Genovation GXE Sets 211.8mph World Speed Record with Carbon Revolution Wheels – We supplied the 800hp and 718lb-ft of torque to set the world speed record of 211.8mph. Carbon Revolution supplied the superior lightweight and stiff carbon fiber wheels that removed 10lbs of unsprung wheel weight from each corner of the GXE.
Genovation GXE Breaks World Speed Record with Michelin Tires – We may have supplied the EV tech to accomplish this feat, but we couldn't have done it without the superior handling and performance of Michelin Pilot Sport Cup II tires.
Genovation GXE Breaks World Record Again – The all-electric GXE supercar set a new top speed of 211.8mph, breaking its own world speed record again. We've already got plans to further refine the design to break more world records in 2020.
Genovation GXE Breaks World Speed Record – First, we got rained out. Then we battled massive crosswinds. The GXE still broke its own world record for fastest street legal all-electric supercar: 210.2 mph...and there's more record breaking to come.
Testing the Genovation GXE at the Kennedy Space Center Runway – Different flavors of massive propulsion at the Kennedy Space Center runway: supersonic space craft, and the supercar of the future: the all-electric GXE.
Getting in the Zone at Thermal Club with Instant Torque and Zero Emissions – Aaron Benson praises the GXE’s instant torque and quiet ride to get in the zone at Thermal Club. It’s a stark contrast to the motorcycles and dragsters he usually races, and he loved the feel.
Randolf Cherewick Says It’s Time for an All-Electric Supercar at Thermal Club: the GXE – CEO and gentlemen’s racer Randolf Cherewick: “It’s time for an all-electric supercar.” He loved the instant torque at Thermal Club, and the fact that the GXE offers a manual option.
Lamborghini Owner Stefan Larrson Praises the GXE’s Acceleration at Thermal Club – Stefan Larrson races a Lamborghini Trofeo. After hot laps at Thermal Club in the Genovation GXE, he praised the GXE's instant torque and acceleration.
The GXE Stood Out as the Only All-Electric Supercar at Thermal Club – Several supercar owners at Thermal Club asked if they could experience the GXE on the track. They wanted to feel what’s new and different with the only all-electric supercar at the track: instant torque and acceleration.
The Genovation GXE Turned Everyone’s Head at Thermal Club – We love cars, and we loved to see all the supercars and their owners at Thermal Club. We loved seeing all of their heads turn when the GXE was on track. Most of all, we loved hearing how they talked about us after: instant torque and acceleration, superb handling, and beautiful looks.
GXE & Carbon Revolution – Genovation, where the world's most cutting edge wheels meet the most cutting edge car
The GXE Experience – Learn firsthand what makes the GXE "absolutely incredible”.
The GXE Experience 2 – What makes the GXE "an incredible car”.
The GXE Experience 3 – The GXE – “phenomenal".
The GXE at Buttonwillow Raceway – 800 horsepower never felt so good.
Buttonwillow Raceway – Get Your Heart Racing in the All-Electric GXE Supercar!
M1 Concourse Champion Raceway – Power Sliding the GXE at M1 Concourse Champion Raceway
Behind the Scenes in Valley of Fire – Two amazing electric cars used to make one cool video
Time Lapse Genovation GXE Supercar Build – See the GXE Supercar assembled in 17 seconds
Team Genovation at CES 2018 – Team Genovation unveils the all new GXE at CES 2018.
Genovation GXE Supercar Build Partnership – Genovation is proud to announce the strategic alliance between the Prefix Corporation, Stafl Systems and Genovation to bring the GXE all electric supercar to market. Stay tuned, the best is yet to come!
GXE Lighting Video – Genovation's latest video focuses on our efforts to integrate LED lighting into some of the unique design elements of the GXE.
209 MPH – Watch the Genovation GXE taking on the supercars and see how a few lucky drivers react to 209 MPH. Great things to come!
World Record – Genovation GXE Electric Supercar breaks top speed world record again at 209 MPH!
Scenic Route – Driving the GXE to Pebble Beach, we decided to take the scenic route. With the GXE's 130-mile range we had time to enjoy it.
Woosh! – Don’t blink or you’ll miss it! This is the video we showed Jay Leno on the Concept Lawn during the Concours.
The GXE at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance – Check out the GXE at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. Genovation Cars was proud to be a part of this elegant event.
Manual transmission is necessary – Understand why the Genovation GXE uses a manual transmission.
What it took to build a world record beater – Finding all the right components took time and patience, and it all came together successfully in the end.
Genovation’s all electric GXE sounds like a Star Fighter – Listen to the power of the GXE as it exceeds 200mph on the runway at the Kennedy Space Center.
Performance – Genovation Performance Video demonstrates the power of electric!
Standing Mile – GXE Electric Supercar New Standing Mile World Record 190.40 mph


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