Genovation GXE, only 75 to be built 25 Nov '16

Some weeks ago the American company Genovation had beaten a speed record with a sports car based on a Chevrolet Corvette, completely transformed into an electric vehicle. It reached 330 km/h. Now this model will be produced in limited series of only 75 units to sell it to a very select public.

It's not already known if the company will also sell to Europe. What we know are the relevant technical datas of this limited production car, as there are: 660 HP and 810 Nm of torque, permitting to acelerate in only 3 segonds from 0-100 km/h, and to pass the 300 km/h limit. The battery pack of 44 kWh will be able to give a range of about 200 kilometers, but only by normal driving. The price is fixed at 750.000 dollars, but the company assures there will be customer for this unique car.

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